Our Purpose


The Primavera Foundation is co-creating pathways out of poverty through housing, workforce development, homeownership and financial education, and community building and engagement.


To promote social and economic justice, while working to build a future in which all people are assured basic human rights, a livable income, and safe, affordable housing.

The Primavera Foundation is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization located in Tucson, Arizona.

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Our Values

We believe in the intrinsic value of every individual, everyone has a voice and the ability to realize their potential.

Our Goals

Economic empowerment and long-term financial security; neighborhood revitalization; community and civic engagement; empowering the most marginalized in our community to affect long-term positive change for themselves and their families.

Our Work

Primavera implements equitable housing strategies to alleviate both historical and current barriers that prevent individuals and families from obtaining and keeping safe, affordable housing.

Our strategies include:

  • Subsidizing, rehabilitating and constructing safe, affordable, emergency, temporary and permanent housing
  • Creating pathways to economic prosperity through workforce development, financial empowerment and homeownership
  • Providing tools for civic engagement through restorative justice and public policy education
  • Partnering with neighborhoods through community building and engagement
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Race, Equity, Diversity & Belonging Statement

The United States is a great nation of wealth, and Arizona is situated within our nation as a valuable resource. However, within this great nation of wealth, we acknowledge there is economic inequity in our marginalized communities that continues to grow. No such greater example of the growing chasm is our current affordable housing crisis. The crisis has historical roots in systemic, structural and institutional racial and ethnic exclusionary policies in home ownership, rent, zoning, redlining and restrictive covenants. Arizona and Tucson are no exception, with documented policies and practices that served to prevent individuals and families from owning or renting homes based on their racial and ethnic heritage. Further, the legacy of these exclusionary policies has contributed to and exacerbated our current crisis.

In an effort to address the inequitable legacy, the Primavera Foundation employs equitable housing strategies to address the crisis. Specifically, the Primavera Foundation commits to:

  • Enhance accessibility to all programs and services, including, but not limited to, enhanced language, hearing, and sight access, and meeting people where they are through mobile outreach.
  • Expand input and decision making by including residents and individuals and families with lived experience in homelessness through advisory councils.
  • Integrate and operationalize race/ethnicity, equity, diversity and belonging in communications, data gathering, education and training, and programs and services.

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