The Power of Mobility

One of the first things you see when visiting the Primavera Men’s Shelter is a lineup of bicycles arranged in a bike rack on the outdoor patio. These bicycles provide shelter participants with an important means toward mobility and independence.

It started years ago when the Volunteer Coordinator delivered a pair of bicycles to the Shelter. Since then, donated bikes have helped participants work to regain their independence and financial freedom. Participants are able to borrow bicycles to attend job interviews and other appointments that are out of reach of public transportation.

Alex Alanis is a 56-year-old participant at the Men’s Shelter. Alex shared how access to a bicycle helped him find a job.

He borrowed a bike a few weeks ago to transport himself to an interview at DeLeon Painting. He was hired soon after. “I am very excited to get back on my feet,” he told us. “I don’t have an excuse to be late. The bike will make me be there on time, I am very thankful to have a way to get to work,” Alex borrows one of the bicycles to travel 15 minutes to get his new job Monday through Saturday.

With just a hand full of bikes, it can be challenging to maintain inventory to meet the needs of men at the Shelter. The bikes are often in need of new tires, tubes, and materials. The Primavera Foundation accepts donations of working bicycles and repair supplies. If you would like to contribute, please contact the Volunteer Coordinator, Eric Cross.


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