Primavera’s Resident Services works to bring neighbors, communities closer

Want to make a housing community feel like a home?

Pack it with a ton of gatherings and activities that everyone can enjoy. At Primavera Foundation, the resident services team has been busy doing just that. 

Here’s just a smattering of what they’ve been offering for people living in the organization’s housing units:

  • A bird watching and community beautification workshop through a collaboration with Tucson Clean and Beautiful.
  • Three nutrition workshops held in collaboration with the Community Food Bank of Southern Arizona.
  • Coin painting sessions with Ben’s Bells.
  • A visit to the Tucson Museum of Art
  • Trips to Reid Park Zoo
  • Planning sessions for four resident-led block parties this July.

These gatherings help build connections among residents, said Elianah Slotnick, director of Primavera’s resident services team.

Elianah said they are also holding association meetings, which provide an opportunity for residents to brainstorm and share ideas to bring the community even closer.

About 250 residents live in Primavera’s 11 affordable housing locations, on average. Elianah said every resident is welcome to participate in activities and meetings. Typically, she said, about 100 join in annually in either events, workshops or one-on-one referral services with resource specialist, Rosanne Loya.

Following a recent crafting class at the WIT House, Rosanne shared how activities and workshops like these are crucial.

“Without community and these types of workshops and activities, residents will tend to feel more isolated and lonely,” said Rosanne, who has worked for Primavera since 2014.

Rosanne’s work takes her to several Primavera properties, all run by the Asset Management Department.
“My duties are to provide resources and referrals to the residents that include education, employment, financial stability, rental assistance, food, medical and mental health referrals, and sometimes other affordable housing,” Rosanne said.

Elianah, who started her current job in November, said it’s rewarding to see residents excited about learning new skills.

“I really love working with my team,” she said. “Everybody is really dedicated.”

Elianah enjoys how variable her job is from day to day. One afternoon she is learning about nutrition and food through a food bank class, she said, and the next she is planning a block party for residents.

“Every day is different,” she said, “and that’s really nice.”


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