Primavera’s HIP Program Helps Participants Navigate Homelessness, Achieve Goals

Few things are more rewarding than seeing Primavera Foundation participants reach their goals, whether it’s getting into stable housing, finding a job or getting sober, says Danell Jessup, director of Primavera’s Homelessness Intervention and Prevention programs (HIP).

The HIP drop-in center offers participants respite, human connection, hygiene items, water, and snacks when available. Drop-in staff assesses participants’ situations and needs, offers housing assessments if eligible, and connects people experiencing homelessness to other community resources.

Primavera’s HIP drop-in center provides an opportunity for people without a permanent address to receive mail and other support services, including rent and utility assistance when funding is available.

Over the past year, Primavera’s Rental Assistance Program helped 115 households avoid homelessness.

Primavera’s donors play a key role in being able to maintain a fund for rental assistance while Primavera’s Rapid Rehousing program helped 44 households exit homelessness this past year.

More than 300 people per quarter receive direct HIP services, but that number understates the many lives the program touches.

“We don’t capture every visitor yet either, but based on what we do capture through mail service alone, we average 935 participants per month,” Danell said. “We serve anywhere from 40 to 100 participants each day we are open.”

In fiscal year 2022, when pandemic funds were available, more than 900 people received rental and utility assistance. In comparison, the number served in fiscal year 2023 was 115 households.

These days, HIP employees complete about 56 housing assessments for people per month, referring them to Pima County’s Coordinated Entry system for potential housing opportunities, Danell said.

What do they need more of at this time?

“We are always in need of more volunteers and single-serve, non-perishable snacks in the drop-in center,” Danell said.


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