Period Poverty Awareness Week

Half of the population menstruates, but not everyone has equal access to period products. Two in five people have struggled to afford period products in the past year and that number is higher for Black and Latina people who menstruate, with nearly a quarter reporting that they have struggled to afford period products.(1) 

Without access to proper period products, many people miss work and school, and they avoid social activities.

For people experiencing homelessness the issue is exacerbated. Not only are period products unaffordable but bathrooms and showers are often out of reach. Folks experience discrimination because of the way they look or smell and often avoid public spaces out of embarrassment – sometimes even preventing them from seeking help. Many of the people we serve who menstruate use adult diapers and disposable wipes as the best option to maintain personal hygiene. And it’s often challenging to find discrete places to dispose of these products.

Primavera serves an important role in providing dignity in menstrual hygiene by distributing free hygiene products and providing bathroom access to everyone who visits our drop-in locations. Showers and laundry facilities are also available at some locations during drop-in hours. But the need is great, and we rely on you, our community of supporters, to ensure dignity in personal hygiene for everyone.

You can help! Here are some ways to get involved:

  1. Make an in-kind donation. Donate the following: Traditional pads & tampons; New reusable period cups and fabric pads; Adult diapers; Disposable wipes;Pet waste bags (for discrete disposal of period products); Small travel bags (to safely store and carry period products).
  2. Make a monetary donation. Your gift supports our drop-in services so that people can continue to have access to bathrooms, showers, and other necessities.
  3. Become a volunteer. Volunteer at one of our drop-in locations to help folks get access to the services they need.
  4. Advocate for equal access to essential hygiene products and an end to period poverty. Contact your local representatives and make your voice heard!

Contact us for more information by calling (520) 882-5383.

Donations can be dropped off between 8 am-5 pm Monday through Friday at the Primavera Foundation Training Center at 151 W. 40th St., Tucson, AZ 85713. Or contact us by phone at (520) 882-5383 to arrange a donation drop-off.


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