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The Primavera Foundation partners with landlords and property management companies to create housing options for  program participants.

Primavera Resource Specialists facilitate communication among landlords and participants, and provide consistency, flexibility and timeliness when setting up rental payment agreements and distributing rental payments. Participants are also able to receive supportive services throughout the program.

Depending on the program, rent may be paid in full by Primavera, or the cost may be shared between Primavera and the program participant.

Some programs provide one month assistance, while others provide up to 24 months of assistance. Move-in, deposit costs, and last month’s rent are also available depending on the program.  Other incentives for landlords may be available as well.

Family Pathways provides case management, rental assistance, and other direct support for families in transition. The length of the program varies based on participant circumstances, up to 3 months.

Project Action for Veterans provides case management, rental assistance and other direct support for veterans. The length of the program varies based on participant circumstances. 1-24 months.

Rapid Rehousing provides on-site (or case management in the home) case management as well as rental assistance. The length of the program varies based on the participant’s circumstances, and ranges 1-12 months.

Rental assistance provides one month’s rental assistance as well as move in and deposit costs.

If you are a landlord or property manager interested in learning more about how to partner with Primavera, please send us an email to:


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