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Donors (Archive)


2017-2018 FY

We appreciate our donors who are dedicated friends of progress, sharing the same vision as we have: to promote social and economic justice while working to build a future in which all people are assured basic human rights, a livable income, and safe, affordable housing.

$25,000 & Above

Elisabeth C Dudley

John M Guilbert

Harry W. Atwood Revocable Trust

Bonnie Kay

Ellen Kaye

Milton Riise

Bo & Trish Sharon / Lucky's Farmers Market Charitable Foundation

Samuel T and Veronica R Swift


$10,000 - $24,999

Kristine and Earl Cohen

Alan and Gail Cohn

Robert G Eberle and Mary P Carryer

EWB Fund at the Community Foundation of Western NV

Pamela Lynne Grissom

Edward & Kris Kazemek

Walt and Billie McCandless / Christopher Johnson McCandless Memorial Foundation Inc.

Carl Philabaum and Joyce Crain

Lynn Ratener

Kenneth H and Linda B Robin


$5,000 - $9,999

Betsy Iventosch Babb and Frank Babb

BD2 Donor Advised Fund

Jo and Neal Bowker

Thomas and Jeanne Elmezzi Private Foundation

The Fred and Christine Armstrong Foundation

Anne-Marie and Philip Hall

Dr & Mrs Donald Hall

The Haugh Foundation

Keller Williams Southern Arizona

Genevieve Leavitt and Toni M Massaro

Felicia Lowery

George Mairs

Dee Dee McCabe

Robert C and Lisa Y Swift


$2,500 - $4,999

Anne L and Donald J Brooks

Richard M Butler and Georganne E Doty

Beth Ann Carey

Dr Edward S Gelardin

Thomas Haynie, Jr. and Victoria Haynie

Ashley and David Hazan / Morris A. Hazan Family Foundation

Joseph R Heller, Ph.D. and Frank Ptak, II

Charitable Endowment Fund J C Harry and Shelly Gallichio

The Jade Tree Foundation

Robert H. and Linda Kear

Werner and Janine Kroebig

Mark Martini

Chantal and Brock G McCaman

John and Sandy Mitchel

Laura and Thomas W Pew

Nancy R Pitt

Resurrection Lutheran Church

St Mark's United Methodist Church

Michael J Steinberg and Alan P Taylor

Kenneth M and Donna Taylor

David R Wohl


$1,000 - $2,499

Vivian Ackerman

Peter W Adams and William S Wire

Artplace America LLC

Kenneth R and Elaine M Baarson

Julian Babad

Susan D Basso

Sheila and David W Beal

Robert M and Margaret Bell

The Ben Harding Family Foundation

Benedictine Sisters of Perpetual Adoration

John and Barbara Bentley

Dr Robert Beren

Kate Bernheimer

Kathleen E Bishop, MD and David R Bishop Ph.D

Nancy Bissell

Frank Brosius

Buffalo Exchange

Archie A & Gloria J Burke

Michael P Burkholder

Roger L and Ellen J Caldwell

Hector and Glory Campoy

Casas Adobes Congregational Church

Charlie's Comic Books

Brian I and Patricia J Clymer

Leslie J Cohen and Kalyanraman Bharathan

Consolidated Ventura Inc

Carolyn Ann Cooper

Charlotte F and James E Cordes

Mauro R and Carol J Cornejo

Cottonwood Properties

Janice S Crebbs

Edward F Curley, Jr

Nicollette M Daly and Michael Daly

John Henry Davis

Timothy and Margaret Davis

Mr & Mrs Norman T Davis

Kerry L and Richard A Demers

Diamond Ventures, Inc.

Peter S Dillard and Mark Mussari

Anna C Don

Jacques R and Micheline M Dumont

The Episcopal Church of St. Francis-In-The-Valley

Richard and Merrill Evans

Eileen M Feather

Michael Flowers

Allen J & Sheryl I Freed

Fresh Pond Trust

Alan R Friedman

Gerald Frislie and Barbara Frislie

Betty Brown Geehan

Lucy Del Giorgio

Giving University

Thomas C and Laura Ristrom Goodman

The Gertrude & Charles Gordon Foundation

James S Gray

Loring K and Susan S Green

Valerie and Andrew Greenhill

Gulf Coast Community Foundation

Harold Metz

Susan Hausser

Jon A & Lynn M Helgeson

Peggy Hitchcock

Junius R and Elizabeth Hoffman

Douglas F and Elizabeth L Holland

 The HS Lopez Family Foundation

Robert W and JoAnne M Hungate

Jean and Gerald T Huston

Peggy J Hutchison and Michael C Elsner

Debra E Jacobson

Joan L and Gary E Jones

The Kara Foundation

Jonathan D and Susan Kasle

Roy L Kaufmann / Worldwide Small Change Foundation, Inc.

Edgar A & Suzette S King

Stanley M and Karen G Kissinger

John F and Beverly O Kofron

Drs Paul and Mary Koss

Barbara and Arnold H Kraus

Eileen H Koeppe Kuhlers

Keith E and Adrienne J Lehrer

Drs Judith Reisman and Jane Levin

Lawrence H Levine

Susan B Lynn

George and Gloria Magee

David L and Nancy K Massanari

Gina & James McCann

John J and Katrina McNerney, Jr

Mr and Mrs Glenn Michaels

Marvin E Moffet

Richard M and Elise T Oestreich

Luis A Ortiz

Fred R and Gail Pace

Charles M and Suzanne E Peters

James L and Jane Q Peterson

William D and Kathleen M Peterson

Charles M and Patricia O Pettis

Shelley E Phipps

Jeanne Pickering

Dr John M and Susan M Pifer

Pima County ECAP - United Way

Linda D Primavera

Linda M Rebling

Dr Kathryn Louise Reed

Sara Ridenour

William J and Priscilla G Robinson

JoAnn M and Herman J Salazar

Timothy Schaffner and Anne Maley-Schaffner

Katherine A Schuppert, MD and Kenneth G Adler, MD

David A Snow

Martha T and Michael E Staten

Robin T Steiner

Arlene B Steward

Tashma N Teepell

Karin Uhlich

Florence and Neil Vance

Volk Company

Voyager Community Chapel

Nancy B Wall

Greer Trotter Warren and Paul M Gold

WEL Designs PLC

WellCare Health Plans, Inc.

Gregory J White

Gary Whitis and Cheryl Whitis

Joanne M Wilson

H Stanley Windham

Cynthia A Wolfe PC

Deborah N Wong and Rene S Almazan

Nancy Grace and Brent Wright

Miriam Zacharias


$500- $999

Shirley H Allen

Jonathan O Allen and Erin Leahey

Edward Alsobrooks

Kathy AltmanIvy Schwartz

Art and Joan Arnold-Roksandich

Melanie Badilla

Sharon Bale

Nancy B Bannister and Frances K Bannister

Bar Investment Holdings

Jean and Regina Bassett

Martha R Bautzmann

Jamie Beal

Laurel D and Michael W Block

Julia Brown

Alice R and David L Burba

Ray W Burgess

Patricia A Caldwell and Bob Gary

Canyon Ranch

Care Coordinators, Inc.

Judith Ann and Roger E Carpenter

Casas Adobes Congregational Church

Chesapeake Community Advisors, Inc

Michael Cummins

Richard M Cunningham

Alison and Samuel J Daubert

Norma F Davenport

Susan J and Larry E Davis

Saumya and Wendy K Debray

Terence V DeCarolis

Christine DeFouw

Desert Hills Lutheran Church

Mary Ann Docktor-Smith and Randolph Smith

Kacy and Damon P Don

Suzanne L Dovi

Linda Gale Drew

Mr & Mrs John P and Anne K Duffy

Barbara and Glenn A Dunn

Lynette L Emory

Carol A Evans and John Shepard

Finley Distributing

Mary Lou Forier and John E Wahl

Michael Foster

Annie Frits

The Gadsden Company

Rachelle P Gallichio and Ken Arnold

Ehud Gavron

Michael A and Connie Genuardi

Frances A Gillette

Cynthia M and Stephen Gilliland

Julia B Gordon

Gospel Rescue Mission of Tucson

Steven Gottlieb and Laura J Penny

Donald L Graf

Michael S and Patty J Gramling

William Guerrero

Duane and Sue Hadley

Robert E and Lillian Hall

Barbara J Hall and Richard H Barber

Nichole C and Bruce Halle, Jr

Gerald C and Karen M Hanzie

Kay L and Charles A Harbert

Beth Garriss Hardy

Michelle and Ralph A Hartley

Peggy and Michael Hazard

Michael Hobbs

William F and Silke S Hoffmann

Sandra Holland

William M and Guadalupe A Holliday

Eileen W Hollowell

Gary A and Joanna H Honea

Jackie H & Oscar W Hunsaker, III

Frederic L and Gayle D Jandrey

Steve & Mary Jennings

Rudolf A Jimenez

Rodell C and Suzanne C Johnson

Kalil Bottling Co

Carol and Foster Kivel

Evelyn A and Dale E Kleinhans

Barbara Knight

 The Knights of Columbus Council #13272

Steven L Kuhn and Mary Stiner

Kyle Herschend Donor Advised Fund

Drs. Sharon and Alan Levin

Keith & Milly Lierman

Lawrence J Lippert

William G Lockwood

LeRoy A and Ann L Loder

Alfred and Sandra Luckau

Marilyn J Ludwig

David and Gypsy Lyle

Doris E Manning

Steven J Manson and Kimberly E Braun

June Caldwell Martin

Hershel McGriff

June E McLeod

Michael and Linda McNulty

Dan Mendelson

Krystal J Miles DDS, MS and Christina M Treboni

Mission View PTO

John H and Mimi R Moffatt

Lawrence M Moher and Linda Lyle Moher

William R Montfort and Martha L Narro

Daniel Morrison

Mountain Vista Unitarian Universalist Congregation

Sam Moussa

Native American Flute Music

Katharine M Olmstead

Loreli L Panico

Carol Parker and Michael Parker

Pastiche Modern Eatery / Costas and Judie Georgacas

Fredrick Pearson

Eugene B Pflughaupt

Glenn Pierce

Pima County Community Services Dept.

Douglas and Robin Rainwater

Marl E and Gretchen L Ramsey

Keith Rhoton

Teresa L Rice

Margaret R Rosenquist

Andrew and Heather Rouse

Benita Rubinett and Lawrence B Elsner

Thaddeus M Ryan

David and Joan Safier

Drs John P and Helen S Schaefer

Larry T Schamp and Rebecca J Schamp

Catherine N Schladweiler and Scott Schladweiler

William Schmidt and Nancy Schuessler

Daniel Schnoll

Joseph and Almut Scott

Donald and Hope Seeley

Sarah Showard

Bruce Simon and Rachel P Simon

Kerrie Ann and Daniel H Sivilli

Dr Joshua Smith

Harold B and Kathleen M Snyder

Bonnie J Sondrol

South Tucson Police Officers Association

Southside Presbyterian Church- Board of Deacons

Jan M Staedicke

Robert S and Wanda W Stauffacher

James Stelzer

Paul and Wendy Stockton

Barbara E Straub

Camilla and Nick Strausfeld

Freeman A and Rebecca R Taber

 Dan and Kim Talerico

Susan Tarrence and Stephen Golden

The Fontana Group Inc

Christen Elaine Thomas

Debra and Vernon L Tomanek

Raymund and Nora Toscano

Tucson Kino Rotary Club

Kathryn L Vega

Eric B and Jeannie D Wager

John S and Barbara J Walker

Frances Ann Walker, Ph.D.

Don R and Doris M Wenig

Wendy Erica Werden and Don Eugene

Paul Wheeler, II and JoJene Mills

Brandon B and Lisa M Wong

Kenneth C and Pam Woods

David A Yetman and Lynn Fowler


$100 - $499

Michael Aaron and Elizabeth Rogers

Robert Aaronson

Todd P Abelson

Mary B Adams

Renee and Evan Adelstein

Aetna Foundation Inc

Susan Agrillo

Margaret Aguirre

Robert Ainsworth

Phillip D and Vicki G Alberts

Frank and Amie Allen / Black Oak Builders, Inc.

Richard C and Marguerite I Alverson

AmazonSmile Foundation

American Indian Art

American Legion 109

Keith D and Linda G Anderson

David Anderson

Sandra Anderson

Alan W Arch

Emily and Michael Areinoff

Ronald A and Sandra L Arlt

Armory Park Guesthouse

Julia T and Neal Armstrong

Katherine & Robert Arnold

Ed Arriola

Oscar Arroyo

Catherine K Aspinwall and Catherine M Gioannetti

David and Agnes Attakai

Laura Atwell

John & Kenna Atwell

Barbara A Atwood and Peter D Eisner

Eva K Bacal

Mary K Baenziger

Karen A Bahill and Andrew Terry Bahill

Bill R Baker

Victor R and Pauline M Baker

Cindy Baker

Stephen Baldauff

Denise Baldwin

Rubi Roxana Ballesteros

Jeanne Baluta

Derek E and Jane R Bambauer

Pamela A and Frank S Bangs, Jr

Dona L Banks

Selena M Barlow and Don Walters

Harrison H and Catherine C Barrett

Joy D Barry

David C Bartlett and Janice A Wezelman

Joanne Basta and Gary Bachman

K. Kent and Robin Batty

Justin Bean

John and Kathleen M Bean

Drs Gary J and Patricia G Becker

Edward & Helen Benbow

Franklyn J and Pat C Bergen

Jeffrey Bernfeld

Henry and Claire Bianchi

Ginger Bidwell

Joel A Linda L Biederman

John H and Lou Ann Bieging

Jean-Paul Bierny and Christine M Tanz

Janice B and Jerome H Bishop

Doug Black and Debbie Jackson

Fred C and Amelia Blanchard

Patricia Blatt

Richard C and Paula McKenna Block

Ralf K Boddin and Carole M Johnson-Boddin

Ellen F and Warren G Bodow

Betsy Bolding

Joyce M Bolinger and Lavina Tomer

Jeremy Booher

Rodney T and Connie B Boorse

Shirley M Bosma

Susan and Peter Bourque

David and Nancy Bowman

Richard F and Myma F Boyer

Allison G Bradford

Phillip M and Sherry D Bradshaw

Marisa Bragoni

Denise T and Gary S Bram

Peter A Bramley

Patsy Brannon and George W Buchanan, Jr

Mrs. Nancy J. K. Braun

Gilbert Braun

Ronald Breiger and Linda Waugh

Dale S Brenneman and Arthur W Vokes

Maritza Jane Broce

Joshua R and Carolyn Brooks

Katherine Brown

Joe N Brown

Judge Michael J and Nancy L Brown

Archibald and Laura M Brown

Sean H and Laura K Bruner

Thomas and Margaret Burba

Bernard Burba

Gail D Burd

Jennifer Burgess

Karl N and Neva M Butzer

Anita L Cadwallader and Bernie Lee

Cheryl A Cage

Robert B Cairns and Mary K Murphy

Melissa Campbell

Kent and Elizabeth Campbell

Susan Campbell

Kelly Canady

Susan Canavan

Rosario A Caputo

Caremore Health Plan

Jamie Carpenter

James Carpenter

Patrick C and Paula D Carrico

Donald W and Helen D Carson

Richard Casanova

Todd Case

Verne and Georgeann Casey

William Casey

Robert L & Marcia C Castillo

CDG Architects

Robert L and Lucille Cervi

Terry L Chandler

Amy Charles and Steven McMillan

David & Margot Chatterton

Kathryn & Andrew S Cherones

Valerie Cherrin

Martha Jane Chilcott

Bhajanpal Chopra

Christ Church United Methodist

Margaret J ChristensenPhilip Inzel

Yvette Marie Citizen / Bilingual Citizen

City of Tucson Neighborhood Centers

Marta Civil

David Clement

Amy J Cohen

Robert S & Paula Coleman

Debra P and Thomas P Collazo

Cornell E and Carole P Collins

Anu Condon

Roberto and Irene U Constantakis

Elizabeth Conti

Dinshaw N D Contractor

Nancy D Cook

Cindy Cooper

Jean S Cooper

Cheryl Copperstone

David Cormier

Pamela T Cornell

Suzanne G Couvrette

Steven and Katie Cox

Harold R and Dorothea L Craig

Robert W Crawford

Sandra A Crockett

Deirdre S Crutchfield

John & Leticia Cuellar

Culture of Peace Alliance (COPA)

Paul M Cummings and Stacey Wainwright

Joanne and Charles Curtis

Dagmar Cushing

Patrick R Daniels and Christy L Friske-Daniels

George H Daranyi

Paula J and Michael D Darris

Elizabeth & Bryan E Daum

Augusta G Davis

Larry W and Lorna J Dawson

Kathryn J Day

Jean De Jong and Joseph C Watkins

Pierson and Glenda Dean

Dennis F and Roberta M Declusin

Russ Keller and Adrianne D Delgardo-Keller

Bonnie Demorotski

Virginia Desmond

Ronald L DeWitt, Sr

Paul and Nelie Dias

Jill K and Henry P Dittmer

Marjorie & Jerry Dixon

Bonnie Dombrowski

Helen F Dominguez

Curtis L and Shirley Dornberg

Kathleen H Dostalik

Theodore & Carmen Downing

Sean Doyle

Juliann Duffus

Glenn & Barbara Dunn

William E and Judith A Dunn

Diane K Durbin and William J Durbin

Bruce L Dusenberry and Lynne O Wood

Ricamela & Joseph S Dutra

Don E and LaDonnah D Dutton

Margaret Eckerstrom

Jill Edmunds

Patrick Edwards

Jack Elliott

Mary Carlisle Ellis

Kirsten Engel

Sandra D and Robert P Erickson, MD

Byron H and Ruth E Eskesen

Arthur H Evans

Executive Council Charities / Support Arizona Youth

Philip and Nancy Fahringer

Ali J Farhang and Lia M Keller

Anna-Lise Andersen Farmer

Terri J and R Screven Farmer

Marcia C Faulkner

James A Fein and Selina Joy Garces

Mrs. Betty Feinberg

Bob & Peggy Feinman

Stanley G & Norma Feldman

Julie Ferdon and Donald R Smith

Katharine A Ferguson

Susan Ferrell and L Anthony Fines

Anne T Ferro

James Fred Fiastro and Elizabeth Wack

Joe Fico

Jeannine L Fiddament

Gail Fine

Nanci Beizer Fink

Ann Finkbeiner

Ben P and Hannah M Fisher, Jr

Melissa T Fitzgerald

Erin Fitzgerald Jacobs

Robert A and Lori K Fitzsimmons

Renee and Michael C Flowers

Susan S Ford

Sorale E and Marvin Fortman

Daniel M and Mariette C Francis

Elizabeth Francisco

Wilhelmine R Frankenburg

Lisa L Fraser and Bruce A Caris

FreedomSmokeUSA International

Victor and Gina Fresolone

Richard and Janice Friedman

Sharon A Friedman

Friendly Village of the Catalinas Womens Club

Susan M and Randall S Friese

Eugene W Friesen

Marc Cahill and Terry Cahill Frost

Carianne Funicelli

Lisa Funk

Carl Gajdorus, II

Joseph C Galdi, II

Willie F Gallant

Peter and Gail Gallo

Margaret Leslie Gamble

Rosemary Gannon

Kate Garner

Vanessa & Dennis Garrison

Gary & Palmer PLC

Paul and Cecilia Valenzuela Gee

William K Geller

Paul L and Migdalia Q Gelsinger

Dr. Edward M Gentile and Deborah Gentile

John H & Laura E Gibson

Nancy R and John J Gilabert

John C Gilkey and Laurel M Cooper

Roberta B Gillilan

Karol M Ginorio

Gertrude Ginsburg

George and Emojean Girard

James D and Linda S Girard

Brian Glenn

Robert J Glennon and Karen Adam

Ramanathan and Mrudulla Gnanadesikan

Marc and Muriel Goldfeder

Paul Gordon and Eve Shapiro

Charles G Graf

Donna L Grant and Gordon Waterfall

Gary A Grant

Linda K GrantPeter E Medine

Gloria and Chuck Gray

Krista H and William G Gray and Bill Gray

Ralph A Greene

Sally S Greenleaf

Scott and Anna Griessel

Gwendolyn G Griffin

Karen A Griffith

James S and Loma K Griffith

Jennifer H Gross and Jerry W Lefevre

Michael Gross and Leslie Guitard

Darin Grover

Kevin Gruenwald

Rosine Gualdoni

Robert L Gugino

Eric and Karen Gustafson

Melva C Gutierrez

Diane A Gwozdz



James and Connie Haakenson

Thomas W and Cynthia L Hadinger

Laura S and Michael J Hagerty

Dona Hahner / Skyview Ridge

Drs Jennifer D Hall and David W Mount

William and Rosemary Hallinan

Aileen Hanson

Robert A Hargrove

Alma B Harmer

Norma and Walter L Harmer

Betty Harris

Denton Hatch

Kathleen M Haun

Nathan Hazard

Richard A Healey and Julie Behar

Michael and Paula Hecht

Phyllis A Hefner

Sandra W Heilman

George L and Charlotte Hein

Lynn D and Gregory W Helseth

John H and Patricia A Hemann

Lt Col Victor L and Darlene Y Hemer

Donovan S Hemway

Dwight and Cristiane Hendrickson

Sydney O Herrboldt

Christopher Herrmann

Robert E Hickox

Thomas H and Sandra T Hicks

Kasey Hill

Emily B Hilliard

Brian E and Kim Hilty

Thomas A and Judith C Hines

Gloria L Hirsch

Rosita A Hiscox

William C and Virginia L Hoeft

Margaret H Hoehl

John L and Laura A Hoelzel

Kristen Hof

Bryan Hollander

Janet T and Aaron J Hollander

Jane Holschuh

Robert E and Mary Ellen Hood

James Carl & Jeanette S Hooper

Ronald B Hopley and Sally Jo Dooley

J. Edward and Judith Howard

Ke Chiang and Shigeko S Hsieh

Andrew and Nejlah Hummer

Craig A and Cassandra Hunt

Leslie Lee and Beth Hunter

David Hutchens

Mary Lou Hutchins

Anne B Hutchins-Tatum and Charles M Tatum

Charles H and Wanda F Hutchison

Steve Hymers

Jose J and Monica L Ibarra

Indian Ridge Garden Club

Mark and Janine C Irvin

Valerie Iverson

Zachary Iverson

Margaret H and Larry J Iverson

Marla Lee Jackson

Bruce and Sherri Jackson

Deborah and Jeff Jacob

F Arthur Jacobson, III and Katherine D Jacobson

Nina Janopaul

John K and Aline L Goodman Foundation

John Fenton Johnson and Marc Bossiere

Stardust K Johnson and Jennifer J Barkley

Jennifer Johnson

Betty L and Wayne E Johnson

Jana Grove Johnson

Roy B Johnson, Jr

Thomas L Johnson D.V.M.

Judith Jolley

Nancy Jones

Anthony & Sabrina Jones

Esther Lorraine Jordan

Donald & Kathryn Jorgensen

Violet Ruth Juodakis

Edmund D and Kathleen M Kahn

Leslie Kahn and Susan L Heinrich

John Jihong Kai

Richard Kaiser

Michael and Robin Sue Kaiserman

Vicki Kalen

Hyman Kaplan

Chris and Lynn Karabinas / C K Acquisitions LLC

John R and Sheri L Karobonik

George Karres

Carole L Keane and Ronald N Poedtke

Deborah Keenan

Dave Kelch

Charles Keller

Harold Keller

Guy Kelly

Nancy S Kelly and D Terence Langendoen

Edgar L Kendrick

Hugh Kennedy and Linda Kennedy

Elizabeth L Kennedy and Barbara J Prebis

Ed and Kaye Kerwin

Steven and Marta Ketchel

May Khanna

Rich Kienzl

Karen L Kilmer

Lisa Kimmel

Mrs. Christine Kindred

Dr. David A and Patricia A King

Elizabeth N and Creston A King, III

Wallace K Kinkade

Charles P Kiricoples and Patricia L Bagley

Barry Kirschner and Leslie Nixon

Jay and Barbara C Kittle

Amelia Klawon and David Klawon

Rebecca Kohl

Kenneth & Ann Kolenbrander

Paul G Kolota

Paul Koster

Lorraine M Krause

Henry and Janis M Kreis

Joaquin E Kremer

Kenneth L & Barbara A Krieg

Doris W Krigbaum

Virginia C Krikawa

Walt and Evelyn Kubis

Joan M and John R Kurath

Duane G and Shirley M Kurth

Gregory & Bonnie J Kuykendall

Margaret H Lacey

Laurel Lacher

Holly S Lachowicz

William Lafferty

Wilbur David Laird, Jr and Helen M Ingram

Pierre M Landau and Katharine K Peterson

Bill H & Della Landheer

David L and Saundra K Landsburg

Edward and Sabine Lane

Douglas Laney

Jacqueline S Lanter

J-Mervin and Leanne Y Lantz

Gary D LaPrise

Susan and Daniel Latin

Tod Lauer and Beatrice Muller

Gerald and Lia S Lavallee

Barbara LaWall

JM Lawshe

Lyndsey Layton

Arlene L Leaf

Donna L Leaman

John Leavitt

Stanley Lehman

Joy C Leithner

Robert J and Elizabeth O Leko

Florence M and Raymond H Lemke

Judith E Leonard

John Leonardo

James H Levi and Susan Barry

Alan J Levin, MD

Thomas J and Marilyn A Lindell

Marie Lintner

Milton Lipson and Marilyn Heins

Living Streets Alliance

Manuel & Rocio Lizarraga

Mark A Lochrin and Martha S Hunter

Peggy Lockard and Sandra G Larriva

Herman G Lopez and Arlene Armenta Lopez

Elise C Lopez and Robert A Hanshaw

Roy R Lorenz

J David & Edith S Lowell

Barbro S Lynton

Curtis Mack

Steven & Jane L Macomber

Samantha A Madison

Bob and Malinda Magel

Peter and Marta Magnasco

Thomas G and Suzanne S Malisewski

Thomas E and Connie L Mallette

Larry I and Virginia J Mann

Steve M, Janell U and Bettie J Manning

Lynn Marcus and Peter A Biava IV

Marianne Mari-Beads and Richard Johnson

Eileen M Markley

Arnold and Kay A Martin

Hubert Martin and Joan Martin

Loraine M and Patrick J Martin

Susan J and William A Martin

Mel Mashman

Mark L Mason

Ryan Matchett

Cecelia Matson

Brian Matthews

Jonathan C Matti and Susan T Miller

Gerald E Matyk

Felicia Sanders and Warren Lee May

Stephen McCarthy

Spencer McCleave

Robert G and MaryKaren C McCord

Thomas P & Julie A McDonald

Margaret A McDonald

Lauren F McElroy

Robert D and Carol A McGonigle

Kathryn C McGrath

Robert & Gerri McIlheran

Heather E McIntyre

Riley R McIsaac and Jaime Banuelos

Arlis McLean and Michael Melton

Glen K McManaman

Kent & Janet McMillian

Martha A Mecom

Sandra J Meekins and Amy Frank

Jeff M and Michelle Meyer

Jeff and Jenny Meyer

Patricia A Meyers and William H Hannum

Paul Michaud

Laura Mielcarek and Jeff Yockey

Mikey Block, LLC

Margaret A Milbrandt

Judith L Miller

Theresa Elizabeth Miller

Diane J and William R Misiak

Mrs Geraldine M Moisant

Steve Montague

Rose Marie and Leo C Montano

Frances W Moore

Alonzo Morado

Roy D and Delores E Morey

Doris J and Scott W Morris

Michaele P Mortensen

Douglas Mostyn

Barbara E Moylan

William and Joan E Mudd

Laurie and Michael Mulcahy

Shirley G Muney

Pilar Munguia

Kathleen A Munter

James and Jacqueline Murphy

Gwen Mussleman

Mark H and Tamra Myers

Barbara Myers

Matts Myhrman

N.W. Unitarian Universalist

Robert Napper

Katie Riley Nash

Navigator Management Partners

Julia and Joseph Neilson

Marguerite J Nelson

Donna L Nervik

Jill Newby and Dan Lee

Alan C and Tish Newell

Mark Nicol

Tomoko Nielsen

Uzma Nishat

Susan M North

Andrea North

M. Emily Nottingham

Tony Offret

Lynne Oland

Timothy A Olcott

Nancy O'Neill and Thomas J Berning

Marc J Orbach

Alba M Ortiz-Diaz

Emily Orzel

Susan and Charles Ott, Jr

Gordon O Packard

Ben and Mary C Palazzo

Claire Campbell & Thomas K Park

Floy Parkhill

David E and Linda D Partridge

Treena Parvello

Lori Pascarella

Marilinda Pascoe and Noah Kinigstein

James Paterson and Johnny Fenton

Leigh B Pattalochi

Kaitlyn A Patterson

Robert R and Janet M Paullette

Philip & Marie Pearthree

Deb Pemberton

Trudie Penta

Adolfo Peralta

Frederick and Christine Petersen

Randall Pettit

Robert B Petty

Dr Efren Q and Sue M Peyron

Ross A and Barbara A Phelps

Picante Designs

Adia Pickens

Conrad and Ann Plimpton

Allen F Polt and Jo Ann Carolla

Katharine M Pool

Kristen Poppele

Gabriella Porreca

Marc J Potish and Karen S Kloter

Mary G Pradelt

Gayle H Prather

Cynthia D Pratt TTEE

Presbyterian Women of Christ

Jerry and Colette Price

Protek Devices

Judge Charles R and Nobuko M Pyle

Bruce W and Cindy L Rabe

Rose Ralston

Kate V Randall

Patrick M and Amy A Randles

Patricia Raskob

R K Ratcliff

Keene H Rees

Jim and Lu Reffkin

Barbara D Reich

Serene Rein

Robert H Reu

Robert R Rice

Richard Eck Endowment

Evelyn Richards

Dennis L Richards

Alvin S and Velma C Richardson

Boyer Rickel

Timothy and Yasmin Rieger

Jean A Rios

Donald and Brenda F Rishel

Michael G Rivas

Susan L Roberts

Jerry Robin

Carolyn J Robinson

Robert A Roblin

Patricia Rogers

Steve Rogers

Kyle E Roney

Roger Rosecrans

Rhonda Rosenbaum

Susan Rosenberg

Michael, Carole and Ephron Rosenzweig

Joan T & Dr Edwin S Roth

Janet Rothers

Elizabeth A Rowe

Mat and Maureen Rude

Patricia A and Frederick M Rudie

John and Cherie Runewicz

Dr John A and Ila E Rupley

Tracy Rupp

Dorothy K Russell

Carl R Russell

Anne M Ryan and Nina Ossanna, Ph.D.

Saint Andrew's Episcopal Church

Saint Charles Tavern

Janis Salerno

Amos P and Catherine H Sales

Michael W & Elizabeth A Sampsel

Robert M Samuels

Sanders Galleries

Brooke Sanders-Silverman

Harriet and Thomas Scarborough

Carol Schaedler

Gerard P & Patricia Schimpeler

Todd Schladweiler

Elizabeth Schloss

Kristin Schmidt

Dirck T Schou

Sarah Schram

Lynn R Schroeder

Jeffrey S Schuchart and Robert R Plymyer

Michelle Schulter

Katrina Minus Schumacher

Jan Schwartz and Judith McDaniel

Matthew W & Ellen G Sears

Timothy W Secomb and Ann Baldwin

Andrew D Seiger

Gulshan & Neelam Sethi

Alok Sharma

Stephen Shawl

Scott N Sheftel and Elizabeth Sheftel Almli

Emely S Shepard

Miles Green & Sue Sherrick

Susan Q Shetter

William L Shields

Marcia Shields

Neda & Mazda Shirazi

Nadia E Shivack

Andrew Silverman and Starr Sanders

Jeffrey S and Keri B Silvyn

Terrance Simonson

A Hyatt Simpson and Daryl J Herman

Melinda D Sims

John and Magda Siry

Stephanie Sklar and Jeff Wilkinson

Steven Slaff

Patricia W Small

Mona Smalley

Rosemary H Smith

Michele Smith

James Smith

Phillip R and Marcia Smith

Jeffrey J Snyder

Nancy and Larry Snyder

Joel M Snyder

Robert and Donna Snyder

Solidarity Ride

Amy Som

Lowell S and Lois K Sorenson

Kimberly Sparling

Charlene Spell

Karen Spencer

Mark F and Gloria W Spies

Paul A St John and Leslie Tolbert

Dale W and Carol A St Ores

St. Albans Episcipal Church

Georgette and Robert Stadler

Peggy M and James R Standen

Constance W and Don N Stapleton

Howard E and Marilyn S Steele

Robin J Steinberg

Sloan Stevens

Lynne D Stevens and Ronald W Krebs

Catherine M Stewart

Charles E and Helen Stewart

Bethany Stocker

Carol A Stogsdill

Willow Stone

Stephanie Storch

Drs Steven J & Lisa R Strober

Michael C and Jeanne F Sturgis

Dr Hassan A and Martha Beth Sultan

Margaret Sutherland-Jones and Nelson F Jones

Ned and Jeane Swanson

Deborah L Swartz and Mark Elson

Kevin Sweeny and Karen Gialle

Jane S Swicegood

Mary and Jack Swiergol

John A and Sally J Szivek

Donna A Tang

Eugene G Taschuk

Jennifer Tatum

Joan Denise Taub

Anita Taylor

Susan C and Harold A Teague

Technicians for Sustainability LLC

James H and Fay J Tellam

Jennalyn W and Stephen G Tellman

Ted and Lisa M Tennison

Howard A and Marlies Terpning

William A Terry, Jr

Virginia L. Clements

Susan Thickett

Janice Thomas

Megan J and Robert Thompson

Jesse L and Jane E Thrall

Douglas C Tinkler

Patricia Tolley

John L Torrez, CPA

Paul & Gay Tosch

Total Transit Foundation

Elias and Jane Toubassi

Gregg M and  Patricia C Townsend

Katrina T Trevor

Tucson Airport Authority

Tucson Electric Power Company

Tucson Thrift Shop LTD

Obert and Doris Tufte

Tuller Trophy & Awards

Ruth E Turpin and James W Sanders

Celia H and Mark G Tuttle

Francesca Twyman

Heidi A Udovich

Duane H Udstuen

Underhill Financial Advisors, LLC

Unicom Grafix, Inc

United Way of Greater PA, S NJ & Southeastern PA

Department of Spanish,  The University of Arizona

Neil and Janie Van Brakel

Linda R Van Pelt

Joan Vance

Stephanie and Lucas VanLatum

Olga Vargas

Bonnie & Harold Vastag

Evert W and Mary E Vermeer

Stephen M and Patricia T Vogel

Kevin Volk

Linda Volkerink

Terry Von Guilleaume and Holly E.H. Von Guilleaume

Niki vonHedemann

W.A. McGibbon Family Charitable Fund

W.G. Valenzuela Dry Wall, Inc

Mary S and Lance A Wald

Charles W and Ruth M Waldron, M D

Elizabeth H Wallace

Marjorie G Wallendorf

Paula J Walter

Richard A & Sandra W Walton

Nanette M Warner and Robert Crago

John and Tilly Warnock

Barbara H Warren

Warren Architecture LLC

Nickolas M Waser and Mary V Price

Michael Washuk

Paul G and Dorothy M Waugaman

Donn and Annita Weaver

Mary B and Douglas B Webster

David and Joan Weimer

Murray I & Bernice Weiner

Ronald S and Mary D Weinstein

Paul Weintraub

Judith S Weiser

Rose Marie Welchert

Christopher S and Wendy Wendel

Gillian D Wettstein and Peter A Krawczak

Dick and Christie White

DeAnna White

Nancy C Whitney

Tod Whitwer and Allwyn Consultants

Jarrell K Wicker

Dr. Marion Wieden and Dr. Mel Bina

John G Wilcox

George M and Joan E Willard

Linda & Gene W Williams

Joel E Williams

Eric K Williams

Susan K Willis

Jeffrey Willis and Ronna Fickbohm

Stacey and John Willy

Yvonne A Windham

Stephen B and Joellen Windsor

Nancy Jo and Hubert W Winebrenner, Jr.

Gary Wittwer

Rigel Woida

Paul E Wolf and Bettina Fuchs

E Jeanne and Daryl E Wonderly, Sr

Phillip S and Jo Anne Woodall

Sarah Wright

Darlene Wright

Geralyn H Wrigley

Patricia Yates

Bridget Ybarra

Leslie H Yee

Emily G Yetman and Ian Johnson

Karl D Yordy

Adam Young

James and Susan Zeeb

Eric Ziegler

James R and Rachel H Zimmerman

Caroline V and James W Zwerg


Up to $99

Susan J Adler and William Risner

George W and Loys E Aiken

Susan Aiken

Jeff R and Janet L Alford

Jerry W and Francine G Allen

Dabney R Altaffer

Margaret S Anderson

Jacqueline Andrade

Al Araneta

Caroline C Armstrong and Charles E Grabiel

Joan Arnold

Gertrud J Ashe

Rueben C Ashenfelter

Charles R Aufdenkampe

Laura N Banks - Reed and Eugene Reed, Jr

Kathleen M Barrette

Belinda K Barrington and Andres Acedo Del Olmo

Phyllis K Bennett

David H and Patty H Bennett

Christina and Edward Berger

John A Birmingham and Linza A Bethea

Duane T and Kathryn M Bjorlin

Juli Blake

Mary Bloes and Roland Bloes

Paul L & Carla L Boettcher

Tania Bonkiewicz

Leon & Irene Bonner

Kathleen Booth

Elnora and Marlin Borchers

Steve and Ann Borden

Barbara G Borenstein

Christina Boyles

Nancy A Bratton

Robert E Briggs

Richard Broeker

Michael Lee Brown and Sariya Jarasviroj Brown

David Brown

David A and Barbara E Brubaker

Vera B Buettner

William B and Mary P Bull

James Bunger

Gary and Joyce Burlog

Nanci Burns

Evelyn S Burros

Barbara J Butler and Rebecca M Vance

David N Byrne

Jerome S and Mary E Cahill

Jim E Calle

Lindsay & Michael Campe

Leslie A Carlson

Carlson Plumbing

Kathleen Carpenter

Jean E Cary

Joyce Cashman

Janice E Catt

Susan Champion

Rachel Cheeseman

Marilyn L Chico

Bryan Clinard

John A and Aroline M Coates

Timothy J Cochran

Valerie Coderre-Espino

Rebecca Cohen

Jeff Cohen

Betsy Colin

Jack L and Peggy M Comp

James A Corrick III

Costco Wholesale Corp

Thomas P Costello

Jennifer Coult

Edward M Coury

Steven Cowan

Dustin Cox

Marjorie Ann Crago and Virginia Tench

Thomas R Cram

Kristine B Crandall

Janice D Crist

Jim Critchley

Sarah Crobbe

K Dawn Custis

Yvette Darby

Laura Darian

Fred and Patty D'Ascenzo

Charles and Elena d'Autremont

Robert Deangelo

Bette F Dehls

Karen and Robert R DelGhiaccio

Lisette DeMars

Col Lawrence V and Rita J Dennis

Constance DeVere

David J Devine and Jaqueline S Morris

Marilyn & Samuel Devore

Valerie Dillon

Dennis Donovan

Shiloh Drake

Johanna M Duffek

Clarence Dupnik

Ginny and Harvey Durand

Antonio R and Nann N Durando

Joanne M Duren

DWE Management Consultants

Thomas Eastman

ShanAnne A Edwards

Ronald E and Susan K Edwards

David M Elliott

Emily L Elmer

Thomas F & Deanna B Emineth

Frances S Emrick

Rosa Olga Escalante

Andrea Escobar

Edward K and Yolanda M Espinoza

Don Eugene

Rosemary E Evans-Banks and Brian W Banks


Nan Johnson Farquhar

Feast Tasteful Takeout

Richard Feldgus

Norman & Marjorie S Fenton

John R and Vivian L Fielder

Marc Alan Fink and Trudy Mills

Virginia Gail Fitzhugh

Robert B Fleming and Rhonda R Fleming

Conchita Fotinos

Tomas Friedmann

Dennis A Froehlich

Anne F Frondorf

Howard M Gabbert, II

Jean Gage

Charles A and Carolyn H Gaines

Maria D Garcia

Lisa Gardner

Gregg Marc Garfin

Crystal Garland

Shirley E and Eric R Geile

Teresa Geissler

Evelyn B George

Barb Giani

Charles E Giddings

Mary Clare and Andrew M Gildon

Debra J Glessner

Bertha Godoy

Marcia Gold

Rosann P and Alfredo R Gonzalez

D James Good

Gerald R Goode

Marilyn J Goulden

Lola L Grabb

Ruth Grant and Thomas A Bunch

Stephanie Gravelle

Lydia A Graves

Ellen E Grieser

Brian E and Frances R Gross

Bill Guinn

Zoe Haffner

Wayland & Jane Hall

Marilyn Hanson

Brianna Harder

Catherine & Gregory Harris

Caitlin Harris

Betty and Joe Harris

Barbara Schmidt Harrison

John & Leona Hartenbach

Patricia Hartshorne

Kristy Harwell

Jeff Haskell

Kimberly Haspert

Stephen Hayden

Elliott and Sandra Heiman

Linda F Herrera

Margot C Heuman

Marie F Hill

Romelia Hindley

Erin F Hinton

Judith A Holt

Barbara L Holtzman

Cheryl Hoppe

Janet M Horton

Heidi Hoscheidt

Linda and Charles F Huber

Gerald B Hughes and Linda L Voorhies

George G Huguenin II

Carole Hunter

Michael B Hyatt

Toby Hyman

IBM Computershare

IBM Employee Services Center

Margaret H Ingraham

Intuit Foundation

Eric Jacobson

Sandra Johnsen

Michael Johnson

Linda Lee Johnson

Avis E Jorgenson, Ed.D.

Eileen L Kaul

Kenneth R Kay and Karen Christensen

Lauri and Larry Kaye / Create for the People Inc

Robert M and Nancy Kaye

Richard L and Judith C Keagy

Keifer Wellness Center

Rick Kelley

Robert F and Alice Ellen Kelly

Susan A Kettlewell

Margaret Kish

Edith K Kleiss

Evan and Louise Kligman

Lucille C Kluck

M Jean and Joseph L Knisley, Jr

Donna Ray Knox

Doug Koch

Myron and Geraldine Koen

Ruth Y and George A Kontos

Mary Lou and Arthur Kopcsak

AF Lt Col Dick G and Carol C Korich

Robert H Koster

Boris and Elaine Billie Kozolchyk

Alan & Karen Gregg Krantz

Kroger Company Foundation

Hilda Krompasky

Penny D Kuehl

Gail F Kushner

Walter & Doris Kuzmak

Helena B Lamb

Agnes J and Rodney C Langer

Daniel Laprevote

Lynn and Steve Larson

David and Cheryl Lazaroff

Lois B Lederman

Joseph & Debra Leingang

Mark T Leonard

Brenda Limon

Hershel S Lipow and Susan L Siegal

Gabby Llovet

Margery Logan

Bob Logan

Melissa Logschen

Teddie Lohrman

Patricia A Long

Long Realty

Arlene Lopez

Bryan G and Margaret E Lott

Nicole Lowery

Jasmine Lucero

Cordelia W Lundquist and Laura A Hodges

Donald & Donna Luria

Deena Lynn

George Malesky

John Maneval and Kristen Maneval

Marilee Mansfield

Jo-Ann Marks

George Marlatt

Mark Martin

Donald M and Sharon E McCabe

Laura A McCammon

Melissa McCann

Holly L McCarter and Joseph A Tabor

Mark McCourt

Margery J McFerron

Molly McKasson Morgan

Diane M McKeever and Eric L Jensen

Roger M and Miriam A McKissick

Betty & Donald Mcleaan

Jon E & Nancy J Mead

J Eileen Mechling and Robert O Kuehl

Manny Mejias

Arnie Mendez

Carol Merkle

The Metal Man, Inc

Barbara W Michalk

Mihelich & Sons Construction Co

Andrea Miller

Julie K Miller and Adam N Schwartz

Kara L Mills

Janette A and Denise A Mills

Kenneth Miranda

Pitu B Mirchandani and Sera Mirchandani

Mobile Auto Restoration

Nancy J Moffett

Terri Montano

Dorothy Montgomery

Barbara Ann Moon

Stephen W Moore and Merry C Dearmon-Moore

Alicia G Morado

Bernadette Moreno

Lorraine Morgan

Elizabeth S Morton

Richard & Audrey Mueller

Thomas Muise

Beth Murphy

Elyssa Naval

Richard L and Gloria Jean Nelson

Brenda G Neufeld

Phyllis Nichols

Patrick Noonan

Amanda O'Brien

Mary O'Connell

Mary Jo and Robert F Ogurek

Jeff & Julie Olmstead

Susan R Olson

Susan Chu Ong and Tze Shar Tom Chu

Betty K Ord

Bernie and Betty Orman

Laura and Frank Orosco

Quintin Paul and Martha G Ortiz

Richard M & Cheryl C Osburn

Carol Todd and Charles W Otto

Eric A and Joni Pabst

Jerry & Bonnie Pace

Salvatore and Rosemary Palazzolo

Barbara J Parkinson

Kathy G and Gilford Parrish

Allen G and Bonnie F Parsons

Kim Patten

Sarah Paulos

Marlea Peate

Jane C Pendley

Mr & Mrs Darrell Penny

Kenneth L and Michelle M Perrin

Kenneth B Perrin

Gerald Perry

Annette C Pesqueira

Nora Peters

Tamara Pflughoeft

Mary L Pierce

Bruce Plenk

Robert and Jana Pollock

Laura H Porfirio and Ian M McDaniel

Philip Porter

Primavera Jim & Vicki ClickTraining Center

Keith & Jill Provan

Gerardo Quijada Gamez and Maria G Isedo Vargas

Colleen M Quinn

Cletus and Nancy Quinn

Lisette Quiroz

Karen Ramber

Amy Ramsey

Brandy Randolph

David & Judy Ray

Era M Reid

Dean M Reker and Sara J Reker

Robert Revis

Roger H and Charlotte R Ridley

Daniel Riggs

Gloria G Ritt

Barbara M Roberts

Efren & Lillian Rodriguez

Alex Rogalla

Helen J Rogers

Thomas L Roof, Jr

Jennifer Root

Lois A and Michael P Rose

Mark Rossi

Dorothy J and Richard S Rowan

Timothy & Gretchen L Roward

Kathleen Rowland

Mark D Rubin / Law Office of Mark Rubin, P.L.C.

Pamela R Ruggeroli

Irma Salazar

Joan A Salmon

Dorothy L & John M Santy

Anthony Schaefer

Chris Schaefer

Ann-Marie Schaffer

Francis J and Frances Scheuring

Jon and Laurie Schladweiler

Paula L Schlusberg

David and Lynn Schneuker

Rhona Schnoll

Eve Schocket

Robert and Amelia Schowengerdt

Greg Schuette

Alan H and Harriet C Schultz

Beryl D Schultze

Julia Schumacher and James Utt

D'Ana Schweinberg

Marvin L and Cynthia A Scott

Ann Marie Seby

James D and Patricia Seddens

Gilbert and Karen Shapiro

Dr Paul and Pamela Sharbo

Lois E Sheering

Eileen D Sherlock

Mary P Shields and Marilee P Meyer

Robert L and Susan A Shrager

Monica Sierra

Lee Silva

Barbara Sinclair

Linda J Skinker

Joan Skinker

Donald S Sloane

Rita J Smalling

Bonnie Smith

Karen B & Daniel J Smith

James L Smith and Joan E Petersen-Smith

Sue Smith Azdl

Steven & Helen Sonenberg

Ole and Carol J Sorensen

Gene R & Constance E Spickler

Tom Sprague

Ronald Staub

Russell G and Billie L Steinebach

Marilyn C Stogsdill

Theodore J and Susan Stokes

Mr Donald F Strauch

Heather A Strong

Robbi Tallerday-Hurtado

Chet & Adeline Tarkington

Matthew Taylor

Derrick Thompson

Ianthe Dolores Tickner

Jason Todd

Jacky Turchick and Ted Warmbrand

Donna Tyner

Thomas G Unger

Frances H Valiente

Marjorie & Clague Van Slyke

Robert L & Patty Villamana / Wild Spirit Ranch

Alyssa Villasenor

Sterling P Vinson

Jessica Von Radesky

Kirby Wahl, Jr.

Irene Carol Wakely and Willis Wakely

Marian E Wald

Carolyn W Krout & Mark W Walhay

Diane Wangelin

Gracia N and Douglas J Ward

H Eugene & Marcia J Weary

Lucy E Weeks

Robert A White and Karen E Seger

Jane Wilson

Julianna Wilson

Robert A and Ann Winegar

Larry V and Diana K Winn

Edith Wippman

Craig A Wissler and Victoria Hadd-Wissler

David and Joanne Wittek

Gayl P Woityra

Ann S Woodin and Andrew W Rush

Natalie Wright and James R Farley

Thomas C Wright and Marilyn W Neubauer

Mark Zaetta

Delores M & Michael A Zajchowski

Jan H and Robert M Zeluff

Leslie Zirkle



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