From housing insecurity to providing comfort, Primavera staff member comes full circle

Sometimes, Primavera Foundation employees know about homelessness firsthand.

Molly Moates, a resource specialist with the Primavera Men’s Shelter, will never forget how comforting it was to receive support from an organization like Primavera when she was experiencing homelessness in Boston decades ago.

“My mind began to open up to what other people have gone through and what homelessness means to each individual person,” she said.

Molly went on to become a registered nurse after those difficult years in Boston. She returned to Tucson, where she grew up, and worked in behavioral health.

Today, she has left healthcare for what she says is her perfect job.

Being a resource specialist at Primavera combines Molly’s love for helping people with her recollections of what helped when she was experiencing housing insecurity, feeling frightened and alone.

The most important thing? Having someone listen, Molly says.

With that in mind, in her role as resource specialist at Primavera, Molly encourages participants to talk about challenges they face in meeting their needs. Her goal is to identify resources that can satisfy those needs.

Molly began volunteering at Primavera’s resource center in 2018 and continued volunteering at the women’s shelter.

Her first job on staff at Primavera, in September 2019, was in eviction prevention.

“I knew this was the place I wanted to be,” she said, adding that each day of work is different, and each day is fulfilling.

“When you walk through the door, you don’t know what challenges or opportunities will be there,” she said.


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