Back to School

August is back to school for many across Tucson. Claudia Hug and her two daughters are especially looking forward to the new school year. Claudia’s oldest, now 18, is going to ASU next year. Her youngest, 14 years old, will be attending middle school.

Until last year, Claudia and her two daughters lived in a small trailer. “Every time it would rain outside, the water would seep through the roof. My daughters felt scared because the water would get inside the trailer and damage the electricity cables,” she told us. The girls were embarrassed to bring friends home and didn’t have much of a social life. It was hard for them to concentrate on schoolwork.

Three years ago, Claudia started working with the homeownership team at Primavera. She enrolled in Primavera’s Her Family program and worked on her budget and started saving for a home. Last year, she and her family moved into a Primavera-built home. She says that the stability this home affords will help her girls in their academics. “My daughter at ASU feels more comfortable knowing that she has a place to come back. My youngest daughter has fewer things to worry about, which makes her focus more on her grades and school.”

There are still some challenges to overcome. With a full-time work schedule, Claudia is concerned about how her middle school-aged daughter will get to school. But with creative solutions and determination, they are going to make it work. “I want my daughter to see me as an example and never take no as an answer.


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