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Going Green

Sustainability – Primavera’s commitment to social and economic justice in the context of vibrant and revitalized neighborhoods has challenged the organization to integrate its neighborhood revitalization and community engagement activities. The strategy is to integrate community development and community engagement by strengthening resident leadership development and organizing across sectors with multiple community partners in targeted neighborhoods.

Primavera is committed to integrating green components into the organization’s strategic and operational plans with measurable outcomes for all lines of business, including emergency services, transitional housing, workforce development, property and asset management, homeownership promotion, education, and preservation, neighborhood revitalization, and community engagement. Primavera’s dedication to “going green” reflects its commitment to building a more sustainable organization, and a more sustainable city, county and state.


Neighborworks® Green Organization Designation

In 2013 Primavera joined 12 other Neighborworks Chartered Organizations as Green Organization Designees.

Primavera CEO, Peggy Hutchison, and Director of HomeOwnership, Gloria Vasquez, accept the Green Organization Recognition from NeighborWorks America senior staff.

Primavera Foundation is a Chartered Member of NeighborWorks America. The NeighborWorks Green Organization designation is recognition of our comprehensive commitment to sustainable operations. NeighborWorks America awards the designation to organizations that have met a set of green achievement criteria that covers an organization’s overall management and office operations as well as the programs of the organization that are covered by the NeighborWorks Green Organization Guidelines. Primavera has met the green achievement criteria in the following areas: homeownership education and counseling, new construction, single-family rehabilitation, asset and property management, owner and resident awareness, and community building and organizing. For more information on the NeighborWorks Green Organization Program, see


Las Abuelitas – Award-Winning, Platinum LEED Certified Buildings


Meeting Community Need

Several years ago, a delegation of grandparents and great‐grandparents raising grandchildren/great grandchildren through foster care or adoption met with Primavera to explain their need for accessible, affordable housing in a community setting. They had a vision of a housing community where residents could provide cooperative child care, cooperative programming for elders and children, play and meeting areas for families, and where they wouldn’t pay more than 34% of their income on housing costs. In Arizona, 60,000 children are being raised by grandparents or great grandparents; 29% live in poverty; 62% of these grandparents are working or job hunting; and 21% of them have a disability. Kinship families frequently deal with a variety of issues such as incarcerated parents, health issues/medical crisis, financial stress, need to temporary house additional family members, or even grandchildren having a baby.

Primavera began to research the need for this type of housing in Pima County as well as models of kinship family housing across the country. While there were very few models that exist, it was clear that the need was growing throughout the United States as well as locally. The seeds were planted and Primavera began to search for funding and land and to develop a plan of action to bring this vision to fruition.


Local and National Community Support


Las Abuelitas was made possible through key partnerships, including Pima County, with support from the leadership of the City of South Tucson, who donated the land, NeighborWorks® America, the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Neighborhood Stabilization II and HOME programs, in partnership with Pima County, the Federal Home Loan Bank of San Francisco, Neighborworks® Capital, and Primavera donors. Poster, Frost Mirto, Inc. designed the project and Lloyd Construction Company, Inc. was the contractor. Poster Frost Mirto, Inc. designed the community and Lloyd Construction Co. was the contractor.

Construction started on November 7, 2012 and completed on November 27, 2013. The housing community provides 12 two and three bedroom rental units, and a community building to serve residents and the greater neighborhood with a large multi‐purpose room, computer lab, playroom/library, kitchen, office, and children’s art display area. Shared outdoor space comprises a playground and a “Common Green” sitting area. Directly adjacent to the property and also part of the project is a community garden with plots available for in the neighborhood residents, a public basketball play court, and a community orchard with citrus, pineapple guava, pomegranate, and fig trees.


Platinum Certification

In June 2014, Primavera’s Las Abuelita’s was awarded LEED Platinum Certification, the highest level of green building certification program from United States Green Building Council, a national organization that recognizes best-in-class building strategies and practices though their Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design designations.

Here a few key features that contributed to the LEED Platinum Certification:

The result of all of these energy efficiency strategies is an exceptionally efficient building. The residential units have an average HERS (Home Energy Rating System) rating of 2.25 with 4 of the 12 units scoring 0 or less. Find out more about HERS scores here.


Awards and Recognition

Since its development Las Abuelita’s has been recognized for being a state-of-the art community space. Awards include:

2014 Tucson Electric and Power BrightEE Award


As well as the 2014 Residential Energy Efficiency Award by the State and Local Energy Report . Click here to see the article in the REEA magazine.



Solar Panels - Primavera Powered by the Sun

The Primavera Foundation’s premiere service site is now benefiting from harvested solar energy, thanks to two significant grant awards that have made it possible to install photovoltaic solar panels.

NeighborWorks® America and stimulus funds awarded through the Arizona Department of Commerce provided $140,000 in funding to support Primavera’s first wave of solar installation. The 39.95kW system now sits atop Primavera’s Jim and Vicki Click Training Center, 151 W. 40th Street, and will provide the organization with a tremendous cost savings of $76,783 over the next 10 years. These cost savings are being reinvested into the programs and properties, maximizing community resources and Primavera’s ability to serve southern Arizona.

NetZero Solar installed the 170 panels in February of 2011. Enphase Energy, the company that provided the microconverter technology for the panels, provides a real-time overview of each panel's output as well as summaries of the total amount of the carbon offset of the all the panels. Click here to see Primavera's production power.

Read full article about Primavera's solar panels in our 2011 Spring Springboard.



Primavera also provides leadership to several resident and community gardens about using desert-friendly landscaping, harvesting water, and planting native and desert-friendly plants to maximize greenery and growth in our desert landscape. Visit our Community Garden page to find out more.



Neighborhood Revitalization

Since 2007, Primavera has developed Energy Star manufactured homes in the City of South Tucson and sells the new homes to first-time home buyers. Primavera’s water harvesting crew also finishes each property by designing and implementing a yard with water harvesting features that will utilize rainwater for the native plants. These Energy Star homes are defined by having effective insulation, high-performance windows,tight construction and tight ducts, and energy efficient heating and cooling equipment. All of the homes that have been replaced were distressed/blighted properties.




In 2014 the Homeownership Department is starting post-purchase classes that will have components on green cleaning, home repair, gardening and other green and energy efficient and low water use topics.




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