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Sustainability – Primavera’s commitment to social and economic justice in the context of vibrant and revitalized neighborhoods has challenged the organization to integrate its neighborhood revitalization and community engagement activities. The strategy is to integrate community development and community engagement by strengthening resident leadership development and organizing across sectors with multiple community partners in targeted neighborhoods.


Arizona Law Enforcement Coordinating Committee

Primavera's Director of Community Engagement served as the Chair for the Tucson Subcommittee of The United States Attorney’s District of Arizona Law Enforcement Coordinating Committee Weed and Seed Reentry Initiative. The Arizona Law Enforcement Coordinating Committee’s (LECC) Weed & Seed Reentry Initiative is a community based, stakeholder led initiative in Arizona to promote the successful re-integration of ex-offenders in order to reduce crime and recidivism, and increase public safety. For almost two years, between 2008-2010, LECC Reentry Initiative subcommittees met in Tucson and Phoenix to assess reentry challenges and to develop key recommendations for executive decision-makers and public policy makers in Arizona. The Final Report was completed in 2010 and is being presented to the Arizona State Legislature for consideration.


Measuring Change at the Community Level

Primavera was invited to participate in a new Success Measures Data System (SMDS) Community Stabilization Pilot Project with other NeighborWorks® America (NWA) chartered organizations. The SMDS project will help us gather baseline data in the City of South Tucson and give Primavera the tools to measure changes over time at the community outcome level. We are working with the youth from the John Valenzuela Youth Center who will assist us, along with residents, COST staff and other volunteers to complete this project. Primavera's Director of Community Engagement and Presbyterian Intern will coordinate this project with all the partners.

In fall, 2010, Primavera, in addition to many community partners, received a large three year grant from the Community Foundation for Southern Arizona (CFSA) to support our community engagement work in the City of South Tucson—consisting of a variety of projects including resident surveys, community gardens, resident training events, community clean-up events, and other activities identified by residents in the surveys. Primavera is the lead organization and other partners include: Arizona’s Children Association, South Tucson Prevention Coalition, John Valenzuela Youth Center, House of Neighborly Services, City of South Tucson, PRO Neighborhoods, two South Tucson elementary schools, Southside Presbyterian Church, and Arizona State University School of Social Work.

Read more about the Success Measure tools:

Click here to read more about the community Foundation of Southern Arizona 2010 Community Investment Collaborations.


Implementing Neighborhood Stabilization:
Primavera Case Study


In January 2010 NeighborWorks® America released a report about Implementing the Neighborhood Stabilization Program (NSP): Community Stabilization in the NeighborWorks Network. The report “presents case studies of 12 nonprofit housing and community development organizations working to stabilize communities hit hard by foreclosures. Each provides a powerful example of the 5 Cs of community stabilization, a paradigm developed by the National Community Stabilization Trust to help define and identify effective local community stabilization efforts.”

Primavera's work to renovate or replace foreclosed housing in the City of South Tucson was included as a case study for successful use of all of the 5 C's of Community Stabilization.

The National Community Stabilization Trust defines the 5 Cs of community stabilization as:

Learn more about Primavera's efforts in the City of South Tucson by reading the full case study, click here.

Read the entirety of Implementing the Neighborhood Stabilization Program, click here.

Visit the NeighborWorks® page for an overview of the study.


Primavera Goes Green

Primavera’s leadership is creating a Green Mission Statement that integrates green components into the organization’s strategic and operational plans with measurable outcomes for all lines of business, including emergency services, transitional housing, workforce development, property and asset management, homeownership promotion, education, and preservation, neighborhood revitalization, and community engagement. Primavera’s dedication to “going green” reflects its commitment to building a more sustainable organization, and a more sustainable city, county and state.


Green Building Rehabilitation

The Primavera duplex, located at 138 and 144 E. 34th Street, was rehabilitated using standards from the U.S. Green Building Council’s Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) and is pending Gold certification, reflecting the organization’s commitment to affordable and sustainable community development. This rehabilitation includes environmentally friendly construction materials, ENERGY STAR™ appliances, grey water systems, and plumbing/electrical stub outs for future solar thermal installation.

“South Tucson is an area with a high number of foreclosed, vacant properties,” said Peggy Hutchison, Chief Executive Officer of the Primavera Foundation. “These empty houses can very quickly become a blemish on the block as well as a destabilizing factor for neighborhoods. We are delighted to be able to partner with Pima County, the City of South Tucson, the Department of Housing and Urban Development and several financial institutions to ensure affordable housing options for families, and sustainable investment in neighborhoods.” 

Click here to see the specs from Primavera's Certified Green Building Consultant and contractor, BJ Benjamine.

Primavera hosted an open house for people to view the newest rehab. Download the flyer for the event, click here.

Solar Panels: Primavera Powered by the Sun

The Primavera Foundation’s premiere service site is now benefiting from harvested solar energy, thanks to two significant grant awards that have made it possible to install photovoltaic solar panels.

NeighborWorks® America and stimulus funds awarded through the Arizona Department of Commerce provided $140,000 in funding to support Primavera’s first wave of solar installation. The 39.95kW system now sits atop Primavera’s Jim and Vicki Click Training Center, 151 W. 40th Street, and will provide the organization with a tremendous cost savings of $76,783 over the next 10 years. These cost savings are being reinvested into the programs and properties, maximizing community resources and Primavera’s ability to serve southern Arizona.

NetZero Solar installed the 170 panels in February of 2011. Enphase Energy, the company that provided the microconverter technology for the panels, provides a real-time overview of each panel's output as well as summaries of the total amount of the carbon offset of the all the panels. Click here to see Primavera's production power.

Read full article about Primavera's solar panels in our 2011 Spring Springboard.



Community Action

Community Forums

The Primavera Foundation hosts public forums on important issues that affect neighborhoods and the wider community. Past forums include key topics such as: poverty; disability and poverty; and prisoner reentry. Forums provide a venue for the discussion of community-based solutions of critical issues in Tucson and Pima County.

No community forums are currently scheduled. Continue to visit our event page, click here, for announcements of upcoming forums.


Sun Tran Transfer to the Regional Transportation Authority (RTA)

Advocacy Team members partnered with Casa Maria Catholic Worker to oppose the Regional Transportation Authority’s (RTA) efforts to take over control of the Sun Tran, Tucson’s public bus system. Drastic changes to Sun Tran, such as discontinuing the low income fare program and doubling the regular fare, were among RTA's ideas for increasing revenue. These conditions are unacceptable as they would hurt the poorest members of our community. Primavera and Casa Maria met with City Council members individually to express our concern and organized staff, participants and community members to attend the City Council meeting in May, during which they turned down the RTA proposal. The RTA/Sun Tran negotiations are ongoing and we will continue to organize around this issue.


Civil Rights Restoration

Restoring rights is an important step for people to reconnect back into the community. When people restore their rights they are able to vote, to sit on a jury, to run for political office and in some cases you can get your convictions vacated or reclassified. As a voting constituent, people will not only have the power to make important choices about their future each and every Election Day, but they will also have more influence over those representing us at the local, state and federal levels.

Learn more about rights restoration, click here to visit the Primavera Restore Civil Rights page.


Community Cleanups

Community cleanups are important for the health and well-being of communities and have been proven to improve social and economic aspects of neighborhoods. The City of South Tucson is partnering with Primavera to make a visible difference in the community by providing structured days of city-wide clean-up of the streets and neighborhoods, along with trash pickup of bulky unwanted items, such as branches and furniture.

The first ever community cleanup happened on December 4th, 2010. Funded by the Community Foundation for Southern Arizona and NeighborWorks® America, the December cleanup demonstrated the best of community collaboration! Representatives of the City of South Tucson Public Works department coordinated drop-off sites and provided ongoing support to volunteers during the day. Approximately 80 people, including students of the Eller College of Management from the University of Arizona, members from the Nemesis Car Club, representatives from Casa Maria, staff and youth from the John Valenzuela Youth Center, Primavera staff and other community volunteers, worked for three hours that morning to pick up trash in the City of South Tucson.

Click here to download flyer and map of the December, 2010 event.

Continue to check out our Events page to find announcements about upcoming community cleanups!



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