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Project Action for Veterans

Stability – Primavera helps men, women and families who are homeless transition to a stable lifestyle by providing safe, affordable housing and steady employment.


Project Action for Veterans

Project Action for Veterans provides housing support services and temporary financial assistance to Veterans and Veteran families that are facing eviction or homelessness. Services are aimed at addressing barriers that threaten the Vet’s or Veteran Family’s housing stability. The program acts as a resource liaison connecting Veterans to public and community resources that are vital to a better quality of life.


Eligibility Criteria


2017 Income Limit by Family Size

1 Person

2 People

3 People

4 People

5 People








Support Services include but are not limited to connecting Veterans with the following resources through case management:

Temporary Financial Assistance is provided for the following:



Participate in Project Action for Veterans

To participate in Project Action for Veterans, contact (520) 882-5383 for an initial phone interview. You will speak to Project Action for Veterans staff who will do a preliminary assessment of eligibility. If you are eligible, you will attend an intake appointment.

You will be asked to bring required documents to the intake appointment. Please do not immediately rule yourself out if you are missing any of these documents. Just let the PAV staff member know at the time of phone interview, and they will provide you with advice on how to possibly obtain the missing documentation.

Requested documents include the following:



3504 S. 6th Avenue, Suite 150
Tucson, AZ 85713

Phone: (520) 308-3093 

TTY: (520) 1-800-367-8939
Fax: (520) 300-4718



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