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Stability – Primavera helps men, women and families who are homeless transition to a stable lifestyle by providing safe, affordable housing and steady employment.


Primavera Works

Please note: Demand for our services occasionally exceeds our capacity to provide the requested assistance to everyone who would be eligible. Please check with us to find out if we are accepting new applicants.

Primavera Works provides ethical day-labor opportunities. We provide above-minimum wage, temporary employment options and temp-to-hire opportunities for people who are homeless and unemployed or under-employed.

Many of the jobs are considered manual labor, which means that you may have the opportunity to work in the following fields:

We provide a variety of support, including:


Primavera Works Eligibility

Currently Primavera Works is available to people enrolled in a Primavera housing program or shelter.


Participate in Primavera Works

Demand for our services occasionally exceeds our capacity to provide the requested assistance to everyone who would be eligible. Please call us to find out if we are accepting new applicants.


Contact this department

151 W. 40th Street
Tucson, AZ 85713

(520) 882-9668
Fax: (520) 792-3862


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Prisoner Re-Entry Partnership (PREP)

The program known as Prisoner Re-Entry Partnership (PREP) was a six-year demonstration Department of Labor grant that has come to an end. While the PREP program may have closed, Primavera continues to provide services to men and women recently released from prison.

For even more community resources please visit the Tucson Pima Collaboration to End Homelessness’ Resource page.


PREP: A Model Program for Successful Prisoner Re-entry

In 2005, the Department of Labor (DOL) awarded 30 Prisoner Re-Entry Initiative demonstration grants across the United States in an effort to discover efficient and effective ways to re-integrate former prisoners into the community, thereby reducing high levels of recidivism. Primavera, as lead agency, was awarded the DOL grant for the Prisoner Re-entry Partnership (PREP) which included the following community service providers: Old Pueblo Community Services, DK Advocates, PHASE, YWCA, and Pima County One Stop. Over six years Primavera’s PREP program, staffed by a six person team with collaborative partners at OPCS and YWCA, served 850 participants. Participants received transportation services, clothing for interviews and work, tools for work, training services, including scholarship support, re-integration counseling, and employment support.

PREP team developed a model program that became one of the top performing programs across the country. In its 5th year, as reported in December, 2010, PREP numbers were impressive:

The average cost per person for PREP participants was $2,600, compared with the cost of incarceration which was between $25,000-$40,000 per person each year.

Primavera is proud to have been part of such a successful effort to support former prisoners re-integrating into the community. Primavera continues to look for other funding opportunities for prisoner re-entry workforce development. Please return at a future date for announcements about new programs.


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"Dennis likes to keep things simple. He has a job he likes, a nice apartment, good friends and he’s the happiest he’s ever been in his life, but things haven’t always been so simple for Dennis Rimmer. In 2000, after an injury that ended his truck-driving career, he came to Arizona. Things spun out of control and soon a drug addiction landed him in prison for almost five years." Read more about how Dennis comes to Primavera's prisoner re-entry program and begins to change his life, click here.